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Many homeowners opt to install water softeners in Albany, IN. While some areas have soft water, with less than 60 PPM of minerals, the water in Albany, IN is classified as very hard, since the number of particulates exceeds 180 PPM, on average. That means you’ll probably need at-home water treatment solutions to enjoy the best quality water. Softeners take out much of the mineral content, while reverse osmosis water filters actually help clean your water. Either can be a great solution when it comes to enjoying better flavors and performance from your tap wat

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“Mike R. came out and explained all of the options available for water softener and reverse osmosis systems. He was courteous, very thorough and knowledgeable. We plan to go forward with the systems we chose. Thanks Mike!”


An icy glass of cold water is a great way to rehydrate after a warm summer day in Albany, but only if the water doesn’t smell like sulfur or leave behind a slimy film. Hard water reacts with soap to leave behind a film of soap scum which can be difficult to remove. Water softeners use an ion exchange process to remove the minerals and replace them with sodium. There are also no-salt solutions that leave your water softer for those concerned about adding hidden sodium to their food and beverages. Either way, upgrading your home with water softeners can be surprisingly beneficial.


Toilets, tubs, and showers are three of the most sources of clogs. Often times toilets clog when too much waste or paper is placed in the bowl before flushing, but these clogs are usually minor and can be cleared with a toilet plunger or snake. However, toilets can become more severely clogged when things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet are flushed down the toilet. These foreign items become jammed in the pipes and require a professional plumber to disassemble the pipes, remove the item, clear the clog, and reassemble the pipes.

On the other hand, bathtubs and showers typically clog when hair or excessive dirt piles up in the drains over time. Fortunately, these clogs can be detected early.

Signs of a developing clog include slowed water drainage, minor flooding in the shower, and rotten odors rising from the drains. Similar to minor clogs in the toilet, these clogs can often be removed with a plunger, snake, or drain rod. It’s always best practice to rely on a professional plumber to resolve these issues.

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While water softeners take care of mineral deposits, helping to reduce odors and build-up, they don’t do much to actually clean your water or otherwise improve quality. Reverse osmosis water filters take things a step further, forcing your tap water through a selectively-permeable membrane, removing any particles too large to pass through the filter. Depending on the quality of the filter, this could mean water that’s nearly 100% free of contaminants. Silt, metals, lead, chemicals, bacteria and other particles may not pass through the reverse osmosis water filters, giving you drinking water that’s both more visually appealing and safer to drink. You can install reverse osmosis water filters on a drinking tap or for your whole home.

Have questions about how to get the best water quality for your Albany home? Talk with the experts at Cooper’s Water to find out more about your options for reverse osmosis water filters or softeners.
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