Clever Ways to Conceal Your Sump Pump in the Basement

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While sump pumps are absolutely necessary to have, they can be unsightly and make a lot of noise. Sump pumps are designed to keep your basement dry by removing any water that might have been collected in your sump basin. If you have a finished basement or are planning on renovating an unfinished one, you’ll want to conceal the pump in a way that eliminates the eyesore and cuts back on the sound. You will also need a solution that provides easy access to the pump if needed. There are several workable methods of covering a sump pump in the basement for you to consider.

Most people tend to focus on the visual benefits of covering the sump pump, but just keep the issue of sound in mind as you consider options. Homeowners may not realize how much the noise of the pump may disrupt their enjoyment of a finished basement.

Positioning Your Sump Pump

If you don’t already have a sump pump, consider where to position it in your basement. If the basement is finished, this is particularly important. The positioning will greatly affect the design and method you decide on.

First and foremost, you’ll want to position the pump where it will be least noticeable. Usually, a quiet corner is a good option. Avoid placing it near walkways or stairways where people are going to pass by regularly and notice the pump.

Next, consider the options for covering the pump and what works best for the room. If you’d like to construct a bench seat over it, where would that best be suited in the room? If you go with a storage cabinet, is there a place in the basement where having extra storage would be particularly useful? These are great questions to ask yourself before beginning your project.

Clever Methods for Concealing Your Sump Pump

Build a Closet

Constructing a small closet around the sump pump solves the problems of appearance and sound while allowing the option to access the pump as needed. This closet can be small enough just to cover the area the pump takes up. It can also be built with an access panel or door.

A twist to this option is to construct the closet and use the bottom space for the pump but then create shelving above the pump for extra storage. This solves the problem of the visible pump and also allows for a secondary purpose for the closet as a storage area.

Built-In Bench

Another fun idea with multiple uses is to build a bench over the sump pump. Not only will you be removing the sump pump from view, but this solution provides additional seating in the room. The bench can be built with hinges so the top will open for access to the pump. With the bench seat down, no one will be able to tell the pump is even there, and you can even add a few pillows for comfortable seating and aesthetics.

A False Floor Panel

Covering the sump pump with a false floor panel is an option. This would be part of a larger project if you are considering new flooring for your finished basement. A lift-out panel or a panel with hinges would need to be part of the flooring design. With this option, the sump pump is out of sight, safe, and much quieter.

Concealing With a Rug

One of the least invasive and affordable ways to cover the sump pump is to use a rug or a section of carpet. This only works if your sump basin lid is flat and fairly flush with the floor. You will have to cut a hole in the rug or carpet for the pipes coming out of the pump. There will still be pipes showing, but the unsightly pump itself will be covered, and this solution does a decent job of muffling the sound of the pump. Consider using the same rug or carpet throughout the room for consistency and to further mask the presence of the sump pump.

Basic Sump Pump Cover

If appearance isn’t the most important aspect to you in your basement, you can choose the very simple route of constructing a basic sump pump cover. It can be made of plywood or particle board. This cover will simply rest over the sump pump, keeping it hidden, quieter, and protected. This is an inexpensive and efficient option.

Homeowners who like to let their creative juices flow can decorate their pump covers. If your basement is more family-friendly, this could be a fun project to do with your children.

Bricks or Stone

A simple brick or stone wall is a nice way to block the view of a sump pump and take care of some of the noise, especially in a finished basement that’s been left more rustic in style. The top can be left open or covered.

Decorate With Greenery

Using plants to decorate the space around the sump pump, or to hide it entirely, can be used in combination with a pump cover or short brick wall. Some large indoor plants can completely conceal the sump pump and give it a nice ambiance even if you do not construct a cover. Just remember that the sump pump will still be pretty loud without anything blocking the sound. That’s why it might benefit you to use the cover and the plants together.

If you use house plants, be sure to clean up the leaves that fall and make sure they aren’t falling into the pump or blocking the drainage pipe. The last thing you want to do is cause a flood in your basement.

Bring in a Curtain

Installing a simple curtain around the area of the sump pump is an option that many people choose. With some careful consideration, you could use this curtain to conceal anything you don’t want to be seen from the room. If storage in the house is a problem, this is a great way to store some items away without investing in building a closet.

Avoid Blocking the Drain Pipe

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with covering your sump pump for the sake of aesthetics and sound management, but it’s important that you do not block the drainage pipe in the process. The way the pump works is that water builds up in the sump pit, and this water needs to drain out somewhere, or it will back up. The discharge pipe will carry the water out if it is left unblocked and clear, avoiding a major flood in your basement.

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