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If you’re in need of drain services in Indianapolis, there’s no better team to turn to than Cooper’s Water! As your internal drainage system is an integral part of your home, you want to make sure it’s taken care of professionally. When in need of drain repair, you don’t want to rely on store-bought chemicals that can cause more harm to your drains. Likewise, drain replacement is no DIY job! Our plumbers are highly skilled and have the experience and equipment needed to ensure your drains are running just the way they should.

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“Mike R. came out and explained all of the options available for water softener and reverse osmosis systems. He was courteous, very thorough and knowledgeable. We plan to go forward with the systems we chose. Thanks Mike!”


When you’re in need of drain repair, it’s always urgent! Without your drains, you wouldn’t be able to flush your toilet, use your sink, or even take a shower without issues. Minor problems with your drain pipes can often be fixed fairly easily. But if these problems are left untreated, you might soon find your living room flooded or a swamp in your backyard.

If you notice that any of your drains aren’t working the way they should, simply reach out to our Indianapolis drain repair experts here at Cooper’s Water. Whether you’ve heard gurgling, noticed pooling water, or can smell sewage odors from your drains, we can fix it all!


Toilets, tubs, and showers are three of the most sources of clogs. Often times toilets clog when too much waste or paper is placed in the bowl before flushing, but these clogs are usually minor and can be cleared with a toilet plunger or snake. However, toilets can become more severely clogged when things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet are flushed down the toilet. These foreign items become jammed in the pipes and require a professional plumber to disassemble the pipes, remove the item, clear the clog, and reassemble the pipes.

On the other hand, bathtubs and showers typically clog when hair or excessive dirt piles up in the drains over time. Fortunately, these clogs can be detected early.

Signs of a developing clog include slowed water drainage, minor flooding in the shower, and rotten odors rising from the drains. Similar to minor clogs in the toilet, these clogs can often be removed with a plunger, snake, or drain rod. It’s always best practice to rely on a professional plumber to resolve these issues.


In some cases, a drain repair may not be the right approach. Depending on the age and condition of your piping and drains, a drain replacement could be in order. As our plumbers inspect your drain to assess the condition and determine the root of the problem, we’ll give you an honest recommendation. In most cases, swapping out a drain in your sink or bathtub is a pretty simple and straightforward fix. It’s often more cost-effective and a better long-term solution.


Whether it’s a fast drain repair or a drain replacement, we’re the drain services team in Indianapolis you can always depend on. We have a reputation for delivering expert service with a smile in the area, and our plumbers are the best of the best! We always take great pride in ensuring our customers are fully satisfied with our service from start to finish. From foul odors to slow draining, we can fix it all!

To learn more about our drain services in Indianapolis or to schedule service, please call or contact our Cooper’s Water team today!

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