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If you’re looking for professionals to help with your plumbing, from backflow testing to hose bibs in Indianapolis, IN, Cooper’s Water is here to provide the trusted service you need. The integrity of your water is an important factor when it comes to keeping your family healthy, so remember your hose spigots and bibs when planning your home maintenance schedule. A damaged or improperly installed hose bib can lead to backflow, threatening the purity of the potable water in your home. Along with timely repairs or replacements, it’s a good idea to seek regular backflow testing to catch possible issues before they become critical.

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Contamination of the potable water in your home can pose a health risk and be an all-around unpleasant experience for you and your family. If your home has exterior hose spigots, the proper installation of hose bibs is an important measure to prevent backflow, blocking outside contaminants from the water you use in your home. Your indoor appliances that require water to function, such as your dishwasher or water heater, should also have hose bibs installed. Because it’s such a critical component to maintain the safety of your water supply, it’s a good idea to call a trained plumber to handle any repairs, installations, or replacements you may need. At Cooper’s Water, our experts can assess your water hose setup and select the hose bibs that offer you the most protection from backflow. They’ll know whether you need frost-free or non-frost-free hose bibs in your situation and be able to explain any maintenance needed to keep them working properly.


Hose bibs can be used inside or outside the home. Though interior and exterior hose bibs function similarly, they are designed for distinct purposes


Hose bibs installed in the home are connected to hoses which in turn connect to an appliance like a washer, water heater, or dishwasher. If the hose bib is installed on or above the first floor, a standard bibb can be used.

A standard bibb is also called a non-frost free bib because water inside the bibb is more likely to freeze in freezing temperatures than a frost free bib. For this reason, frost-free bibbs should be installed in basements below the frost line, especially if the basement is unheated.

If water inside the hose bib freezes, then the bib is very likely to split internally. This damage is typically unrepairable and will require you to replace the hose bib. Additionally, a split hose bib combined with frozen water can increase the chance of backflow into your home.


Many plumbing systems are designed to include an incoming water line that can be used for gardening and other outdoor tasks. These water lines include a spigot within the home that can shut off water in the event that a hose bib is not installed.

An exterior hose bib can be attached to these water lines in order to allow water flow to be turned on and off more easily. You can allow the interior spigot to remain open and turn on and off using the hose bib if installed.

Frost free hose bibs are most often used outside because they are designed to prevent water from freezing within the bib during freezing temperatures.


A damaged or broken hose spigot or bib can be disruptive when it causes an issue unexpectedly. Fortunately, backflow preventer inspections can help you identify any problems before they become serious, giving you time to schedule any repairs or replacements you might need without unnecessarily inconveniencing yourself or your family. Backflow testing ensures your water is flowing in the right direction, reducing the possibility that it’s tainted with unsafe particles or debris. The test is designed to measure your water pressure and check for any signs of leaks that could lead to contamination. If you already have a backflow preventer connected to your system, it should prevent water from flowing back into your system in the wrong direction. If you’re experiencing signs of backflow, you either don’t have a preventer installed or it could be in need of repair or replacement. The critical nature of needing clean water in your home means this is a job that has to be done right. Calling in a professional from Cooper’s Water gives you peace of mind that your water is running clean and you don’t need to worry about backflow contamination.


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To extend the life of your hose spigots and bibs, there are several steps you can take between your plumbing service calls. Although there are frost-free bibs that are made to weather cooler temperatures, this may not be enough in freezing conditions. Freezing temperatures are a common cause of damage as the expansion of ice puts interior pressure on your hoses and fixtures. Fortunately, a few preventative measures can reduce the chance of needing premature repairs or replacements. If you anticipate freezing weather, turning off the exterior and interior hose bibs will isolate the water that hasn’t made it into your home yet. Once both have been shut off, turning the exterior hose spigots back on will allow any water trapped inside to drain. Removing the hose bib is also an option as long as the opening is properly covered to protect your water supply. Hose bibs are a vital part of your water system and should be protected. Sometimes, even when all precautions are taken, natural deterioration or situations beyond your control can degrade their integrity.

If you believe you are experiencing issues with the hose bibs in your Indianapolis home, or if you need a professional to handle your regular backflow testing, give our experts at Cooper’s Water a call today so we can help.

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