Are you considering investing in a reverse osmosis system in Pittsboro, IN? Whether you’re concerned about hard water, chemical contaminants, PFAS and VOCs in your water, or other issues, at Cooper’s Water, we can help. We’ll tell you in as much detail as you want about each type of water quality system. Our technicians can then test your water. Information in hand, we’ll aid you in selecting the reverse osmosis, water softeners, or water purification system that’s right for your family in Pittsboro.


Variations in water quality occur for many reasons, so it’s important to be protected. Changing city water pressure due to pipe breaks or hydrant use can allow contamination and even a “boil water order.” Reverse osmosis is the most exacting of our water quality systems, providing a barrier that removes up to 99 percent of contaminants from chlorine to sodium, metals, fluoride, bacteria, even pharmaceuticals, lead, and arsenic. It’s an excellent solution to the news we get about PFAS, VOCs, and other industrial products lingering in our drinking water, no matter what the source.

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At Cooper’s Water, we have many water quality solutions depending on your goal. Water softeners are a great start for many customers, helping to prolong the life of pipes and appliances. Water softeners focus on hard water, the product of naturally-occurring calcium and magnesium that leads to corrosion and sediment accumulation in your pipes and appliances and ineffective soap use. Water purification provides targeted improvements in your water, including removing the taste of iron and hard water, odors, discoloration, and other water quality issues. It provides tastier and more drinkable water, allowing you to cut down on bottled water purchases.


Having high-quality water throughout your home can bring unexpected changes to your daily life. Tap water will no longer be second-class for drinking, and you’ll find that mineral reduction from hard water helps in many ways. Your laundry will be cleaner from better detergent effectiveness, and the same with shampoo in the shower. You’ll see fewer rings and stains in sinks and tubs. Even your coffee maker will show a difference, with fewer descaling and better-tasting coffee, while your water heater and plumbing will also appreciate the difference.


From hard water mitigation to replacing your bottled water traffic with great tap water, at Cooper’s Water, we provide solutions that give you control over your home’s water quality. Our skilled plumbers install and maintain reverse osmosis (RO) systems, water purifiers and filters, and water softeners for your home. As a group, they have over 300 years of experience serving Pittsboro area homes for plumbing issues and water quality concerns. Recipients of recent Angi’s Super Service and Home Advisor awards, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and an A+ rating from the BBB, we’ve been providing great water in Indiana for over 40 years.

Do you need reverse osmosis, water softeners, or other measures to control your water quality in Pittsboro? Call Cooper’s Water for results today!

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