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Do you want to improve the water quality with water softeners in your Strawtown, IN, home? Water softeners and purifiers are the perfect solution. While both serve different purposes, these technologies help keep your water clean and healthy. Because water is critical to human life, prioritizing water safety in your home is crucial.

As much as your tap water is regulated, some chemicals can still find their way into your drinking water. As such, it only makes much sense to have a plumber install water purifiers and softeners in your home’s plumbing.

While a water softener reduces hardness, a water purifier removes impurities and toxic chemicals in your water, including lead and chlorine. You can count on Cooper’s Water for premier water softening and purification services.

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“Mike R. came out and explained all of the options available for water softener and reverse osmosis systems. He was courteous, very thorough and knowledgeable. We plan to go forward with the systems we chose. Thanks Mike!”


Hardness in your water results in mineral buildup that can impair your plumbing system. Luckily, you can prevent this by using water softeners. In addition to improving the condition of your plumbing, a water softener has several health benefits, including cleaner dishes and laundry, softer skin, and strong, shiny hair. Installing water-softening systems in your home can also save you money due to reduced energy costs.

Scale buildup in your hot water tank significantly reduces its efficiency. It causes the water heater to strain while working. The harder it works, the more energy it consumes. And this results in a higher energy bill. A water-softening device can remedy this situation by preventing calcium buildup in the tank. That way, less energy is used, translating to more cost savings.

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Water purifiers help keep your water clean and safe by reducing the presence of harmful contaminants. These devices work through various mechanisms, including ion exchange, reverse osmosis, carbon, physical barriers, and UV light. If you wish to improve water quality throughout your home, a whole-house water filter will serve you right. Otherwise, you can get a plumber to install point-of-use water purifiers, such as under-the-sink or shower filters.

As the best water softening and purification company in Strawtown, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer care and high-quality products. We’re one of the few companies offering water softener rentals to qualifying customers to ensure everyone can access soft water. Our plumbing team has over 40 years of experience installing and repairing residential water treatment equipment.

For more information on water softeners and purifiers in Strawtown, ring us at Cooper’s Water.
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