The Top 8 Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting Service in Indianapolis, IN

Struggling with clogged pipes is a frustrating problem that many homeowners experience. Getting your pipes professionally unclogged is the best way to ensure the clog gets removed entirely without damaging your pipes. One of the best methods for clog removal that has become more popular with plumbers in recent years is hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting starts with the plumber inspecting the clogged pipe with a video camera mounted on a flexible cable. Once the obstruction has been located and identified, the plumber gets the hydro jetter into position and begins clearing away the clog. Once the hydro jetter is activated, up to 5000 psi of water pressure surges through the nozzle and into the pipe, clearing all obstructions from the line.

If you are experiencing a stubborn clog that needs professional plumbing assistance to remove, you should consider requesting hydro jetting services from your local plumbing company to clear it. Here are all the benefits that come with using hydro jetting to clear clogs in your plumbing.

1. Non-Invasive Clog Removal

Before hydro jetting, clearing particularly stubborn clogs used to be an extremely invasive process. If the clogged pipe were within the wall, the drywall would need to be cut open to access the pipe, open it, and remove the obstruction. If the clogged pipe were outside, the yard would need to be dug up to access the pipe and clear the clog.

With hydro jetting, you can remove nearly any clog in a non-invasive manner. The hose is simply fed into the drain closest to the clog. Hydro jetting hoses can be as long as 600 feet, allowing them to reach most clogs with ease without damaging your walls or yard.

2. Prevent Clogs from Returning

One of the downsides of using drain snakes or chemical clog removers is that they tend to leave a lot of excess gunk behind. Additionally, chemical clog removers may add to the clog if they have a chemical reaction with the obstruction. If you don’t clear the obstruction completely, another clog will likely form in that spot in a short amount of time.

Hydro jetting completely clears the lines of all hair, dirt, soap scum, grease, and other debris. While you can’t prevent all future clogs from forming, hydro jetting greatly reduces the chances of another clog developing by keeping the lines clear and smooth.

3. Versatility

Hydro jetting is an extremely versatile option for removing clogs in a wide variety of environments. Old and new homes, residential or commercial buildings, and pipes made from various materials benefit from using hydro jetting to clear clogs. Drain snakes are mostly useful on clogs close to the surface. They have difficulty going through longer plumbing with many bends. Chemical drain cleaners will severely damage older pipes and are bad for septic systems.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Many homeowners have been using chemical clog removal products on stubborn clogs for decades. However, all chemical clog removal products are damaging to the environment. If these chemicals seep out of your septic tank or pipes, they contaminate the nearby soil and water supply. Not only does exposure to these chemicals kill plants and severely harm wildlife, but they can easily end up making people sick as well.

Hydro jetting only uses fresh water without chemical additives to clear out pipes, making it a much more environmentally friendly clog removal option. Wasting water has been a concern with hydro jetting, but there is very little water wasted with this technique. While hydro jetting does require a lot of water, all of it is being used as efficiently as possible to clear the pipes quickly and effectively.

5. Gentle on Pipes

Both drain snakes and chemical clog-clearing solutions damage pipes. The augers on drain snakes scrape the sides of pipes or even puncture them as they try to clear obstructions. Additionally, they may wind up pushing clogs further instead of clearing them, which may weaken or split the pipe in the location of the clog.

Chemical clog-clearing products eat away at both metal and plastic plumbing. Additionally, they can have terrible reactions to certain chemicals and substances clogging up your pipe, which could make the clog worse and further damage the pipe.

Hydro jetting only uses water pressure to clear clogs. The force of the water is strong enough to bust up clogs without denting or cracking the pipes. Hydro jetting also doesn’t use any harmful chemicals that may erode your pipes.

6. Reduce Odors

If you have bad odors in your bathroom or kitchen, you may be surprised to learn that the culprit is likely not your toilet or rotting food. Bacteria buildup in your pipes can cause foul odors to seep into your bathroom and kitchen. These odors are incredibly difficult to eliminate without clearing the bacteria buildup within your pipes, but hydro jetting removes both the bacteria and the odors easily.

7. Blast Through Tree Roots

One of the most difficult obstructions to clear from pipes is tree roots. Any type of pipe can be pierced by tree roots over time, but clay pipes are most susceptible to tree root invasion. Drain snakes and chemical clog-removing solutions are not powerful enough to break up tree roots.

Without hydro jetting, the pipes need to be dug up and opened, and the roots need to be cut out of the line to remove the clog. However, hydro jetting has the power to easily blast the roots into tiny pieces and wash them down the drain without digging up your yard.

8. Save Money

Hydro jetting is much more cost-effective in the long run than other clog removal methods. The initial video examination of your plumbing allows you to spot other issues within your pipes that may have gone undetected. For example, cracks, leaks and severe rust issues are easily spotted with video equipment. You can have the issues repaired before they become extremely damaging and expensive to fix.

Additionally, hydro jetting provides such a thorough cleaning that it will prevent recurring clogs, reduce the need for repeated repairs and greatly lower the chances of pipes bursting. You will even maximize the lifespan of your plumbing by keeping it as clean as possible. Replacing plumbing systems is an extremely expensive job. It’s best to ensure that you can put off such a costly replacement for as long as you can.

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