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If you want to add water softeners in Bargersville, IN, call in the experts at Cooper’s Water. Our plumbers have seen lots of damage due to mineral buildup in pipes over the years and can recommend the best water filters or softeners to improve your water quality. We even install reverse osmosis systems to deliver great-tasting water with minimal levels of contaminants.

Long-Lasting Water Softeners in Bargersville

If you have hard water, you might notice a film on your hands after your wash them or a ring around your tub after a bath or shower. High levels of magnesium and calcium in your water have a chemical reaction with soap that can leave behind a sticky or slimy residue. Hard water makes showers take longer and can leave you rinsing and hand-drying your dishes to avoid white spots. Water softeners reduce the mineral content in your water, making it more palatable and better for cleaning.

Hard water can do a lot of damage to your home and belongings. If you think you might have hard water, keep an eye out for:
  • White spots on your dishes after they dry
  • Longer rinse times when you’re in the shower
  • Soap scum left after washing up
  • Frequent plumbing problems

In addition to the build-up left behind after cleaning clothes, dishes, or skin, hard water can also leave a film that coats your pipes. Over time, that film can turn into clogs or erode your pipe surfaces, leading to unexpected and sometimes expensive repair bills. Installing water softeners helps reduce the need for emergency plumbing repairs and helps extend the life of your water-based appliances.

Reliable Water Filters in Bargersville

It’s not uncommon for Bargersville homes to have hard water and other contaminants. Indiana as a whole has very hard water, but installing whole-home water filters can fix the problem. Whole home water filters remove contaminants at the source, preventing heavy metals and chemicals from entering your home’s water supply. The filtration level depends on the unit’s quality, which is why Cooper’s Water installs some of the top national brands to ensure you get clean and clear water at every home tap.

High-Quality Purification with Reverse Osmosis

While water filters excel at removing most contaminants, for the absolute best quality water at home, you’ll want a reverse osmosis purification system. These systems combine filtration with a semi-permeable membrane that can catch even the smallest particles, getting rid of viruses and bacteria, and chemicals often used to treat municipal water supplies. No more chlorine smell when you run the tap if you have a reverse osmosis system installed in your home.

Experienced Water Quality Improvement Team

With more than four decades of experience with plumbing and water quality, the team at Cooper’s Water has become a go-to source for home water treatment. Our plumbers can test your water and install water softeners or a reverse osmosis system to give you better-tasting and safer water. Our industry-leading warranty means you’ll never pay for an installation and a repair while under a service contract. We also offer to finance on approved credit, helping make clean water something within every budget.

Call Cooper’s Water for fast, reliable service for any of your water softener needs in Bargersville!