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Cooper’s Water installs water softeners and reverse osmosis systems in Pendleton, IN, giving you clean, clear water to drink and use around the house. Good water filtration can remove 99% of contaminants, including additives such as fluoride, chlorine, sodium, and more. We start with water quality testing to determine what type of treatment solution you need and make recommendations tailored to your home.

Reliable Water Softeners in Pendleton

The Pendleton water supply often contains high mineral levels, leaving unsightly white spots on your dishes and making it harder to get things clean. If you spend an extra few minutes in the shower rinsing off hygiene products to feel clean, you likely have hard water. Water softeners remove the high levels of calcium and magnesium that can impact your water. The result is cleaner, clear water that removes soap and dirt in moments.

How do you know you have hard water? Here are several signs that can let you know to consider water softeners:
  • White spots on dishes fresh from the dishwasher
  • A noticeable film on your hands after washing them
  • Mineral stains on your clothing
  • Reduced water pressure in your home

Not only does hard water add to your time spent cleaning, but it can also wear away at your pipes. Hard water can corrode the interior surfaces of your pipes, leading to issues like pinhole leaks if you have copper pipes or even more catastrophic failures for other pipe materials. Softening your water before it runs through your plumbing is a great way to protect your home and improve your water quality at the tap.

Comprehensive Water Filtration in Pendleton

While water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your tap water, water filtration systems can do much more. Depending on the style of filter used, you could have a filtration system that also removes chemical contaminants and bacteria. With filtration installed at your home, you don’t need to worry if there’s an issue at your local water treatment plant. At Cooper’s Water, we work with some of the top brands in water filtration to give you crystal clear, safe drinking water.

Fast Installation for Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems offer some of the market’s best water filtration and conditioning. These systems use water pressure to force your water through a semi-permeable membrane that traps contaminants outside your pipes. The system can catch even the smallest particles, giving you the best quality for your drinking and cooking water. Many homes use a reverse osmosis filter solely to provide clean water in the kitchen, though whole-home systems are also available.

Top-Notch Water Quality Solutions

At Cooper’s Water, we’re known for our outstanding plumbing and water quality services. Our team of experienced plumbers and water quality experts have earned us a place on the Best of HomeAdvisor list and an Angie’s List Super Service award. For over 40 years, we’ve been your go-to company for plumbing and water filtration in Pendleton. Our high-quality installations use some of the top national brands, and we offer free estimates over the phone.

Tired of dealing with hard water in your Pendleton home? Contact the Cooper’s Water team today to discuss your water softeners and filtration options!