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To achieve clean, fresh water in your McCordsville, IN, home, water softeners, water filters, and reverse osmosis are the way to go. Each water purification method can improve your water quality, but you’ll see the greatest results using all three. At Cooper’s Water, our technicians provide all of these systems and can assist with ongoing maintenance. Read on to look at each type of equipment and how it can benefit your home’s water supply.

Water Softeners in McCordsville, IN

Our water quality products and services include:
  • Water Softener Repair & Installation
  • Water Filtration & Purification
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Water Softener Delivery
  • Water Softener Rentals
  • Softener Salt Delivery
  • UV Systems
  • Whole House Filters
  • Iron Filters
  • Well Water Filtration

Remove Mineral Deposits with Water Softeners

When we use the term “hard” to talk about water, we are referencing water with high mineral content, like what we have here in McCordsville. Our region rests atop limestone deposits, which imbues the groundwater with various minerals. While not necessarily harmful to your health, these mineral deposits in the water are not great for your skin or hair. Not only that, but they also diminish the flavor of the water. Occasionally, residue from hard water can create buildup in your pipes, eventually leading to clogged drains.

Adding a water softener to your home will remove these minerals from the water, making it much gentler on your body and your plumbing system. Specialized salt in the softener system pulls the minerals out of the water before it reaches your sink, shower, or tub. When your salt needs to be refilled, make use of our softener salt delivery program. Keeping your salt tank full with our delivery service couldn’t be easier.

Our team will start by helping you choose a water softener system that suits your budget. We’ll then work on the installation, hooking the softener up to your plumbing and putting in any additional pipes. Once your system is in place, we’ll test everything to ensure it works properly. Look to our team for your ongoing maintenance and repair needs. We’ll do everything possible to keep your system at its best.

Water Filtration for Your McCordsville Home

Getting rid of mineral deposits with a water softener is great, but it is only part of the battle. Softeners can’t remove bacteria, dirt, and other debris, but water filters can. A whole-home water filtration system cleans and purifies the water supply as it enters your home. This way, you’ll have fresh, clean water at every tap throughout the house, including showers and baths.

There are many different types of water filters available at various price points. Our technicians can help you narrow your options to choose the perfect water filter for your home. We aim to provide everything you need to make an informed decision about what is best for your needs, so feel free to ask us any questions as they arise. We’re always more than happy to answer them.

Clean Your Drinking Water with Reverse Osmosis

The final step to improve your water quality is reverse osmosis. A thin membrane inside the apparatus removes any remaining debris and contamination from your water so it is as clean as can be. This is how to get the best-tasting water modern plumbing technology can provide. You’ll be amazed by how much better your water tastes when you add a reverse osmosis system to your home.

The benefits of reverse osmosis systems include:
  • Clean, delicious water
  • Clear ice cubes
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Minimal maintenance required

Once our team has installed your reverse osmosis system, there is not much you’ll need to do to maintain it. The filter membrane will need to be replaced occasionally, and our team will provide you with a recommended replacement schedule based on your specific equipment and typical water usage.

We’ll replace the membranes for you when needed to keep that clean, great-tasting water flowing.

Water Filters in McCordsville, IN

We can also help with your sump pumps and water heaters in McCordsville!

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Cooper’s Water is your source for water softeners, water filters, and reverse osmosis systems in McCordsville. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation to discuss your water quality needs in greater detail.