For help with water softeners in West Newton, IN, and also other water treatment systems, such as water filters and reverse osmosis systems, call Cooper’s Water. We’re experts in restoring your water to how it should be with our wide selection of water treatment solutions.

Whether you’ve noticed scale around your faucets and in your appliances, or your water has a strange taste and smell, we can solve all of these problems and more. Indiana has very hard water compared to the rest of the nation and this can take its toll on home plumbing systems. In addition to affecting your plumbing and appliances, hard water can also cause discoloration in your sinks or tub, cloudy spots on glasses, and can also cause clothing to fade.

Let us help you get the balance just right by removing excess minerals from your water supply to make it softer and perform better. Call our team today to find out more about our range of services and systems.